The right to access legal abortion is a matter of choice and privacy. We defend this right because we believe that women have the intelligence and integrity to make informed decisions.

How do we define legal abortion?

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut follows the tenets set forth in Roe v. Wade to define legal abortion.

Abortion Laws in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has strong laws that protect the rights of all women to access legal abortion. Each year though, we have to defend against anti-choice attacks that seek to limit this right.

Attacks on Abortion throughout the United States

Since 1973, Roe v. Wade has been slowly chipped away by anti-choice attacks. Many states throughout the United States have enacted abortion bans and a variety of other policies that seek to limit the right to access abortion.

What is medical abortion?

In 2000, the FDA approved RU 486 (also called mifepristone, non-surgical abortion, or medical abortion), giving women a non-surgical option to terminate an unintended pregnancy.

Abortion can be a difficult discussion...

Since 1973, people have been arguing about abortion. They argue about it religiously, scientifically, politically, and morally. All of this arguing has divided people and ignores the true principals of Roe-privacy and choice.

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is committed to engaging people in honest, open dialogue about abortion. If you would like to stop arguing about abortion, please join us for a discussion on choice.