NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC Endorses Anderson


July 28, 2008

HARTFORD, CT — NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Janice Anderson for State Senate in the General Elections. Anderson is running for State Senate in the 21st District of Monroe, Shelton, Seymour, and Stratford.

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is the only PAC in the state dedicated to evaluating candidates solely on their position regarding women’s reproductive freedom. Endorsement is given only to those candidates who have requested endorsement and who are deemed by the PAC to be 100% pro-choice.

"If elected, we can expect Janice Anderson to take a leadership role in protecting reproductive rights in Connecticut” said Cari Carter, PAC Chair.

All Candidates endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC pledge, if elected, to vote against anti-choice bills, those that would restrict access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services, from contraception, to carrying a healthy pregnancy to term, to choosing a safe and legal abortion. Understanding the importance of prevention, endorsed candidates also support comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate sexuality education that is based on medically accurate information.

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is proud to endorse Janice Anderson for State Senate-a candidate who understands that the women of Connecticut have the integrity and intelligence to make responsible reproductive decisions.