NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC Endorses State Candidates


September 17, 2008

HARTFORD, CT — NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is pleased to announce our third round of endorsed candidates for the November 2008 State Elections. Endorsement is given only to those candidates who have requested endorsement and who are deemed by the PAC to be 100% pro-choice. This year’s list of endorsed candidates shows a broad base of support for a woman’s right to choose across a range of political affiliation, background, gender, and experience.

All candidates endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC pledge, if elected, to vote against anti-choice bills, including those that would restrict access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services – from contraception, to carrying a healthy pregnancy to term, to choosing a safe and legal abortion. Pro-actively, endorsed candidates support comprehensive, age appropriate sexuality education that is based on medically accurate information, and all support equitable and timely access to emergency contraception.

"We are so pleased to have so many candidates who are advocates for women’s reproductive health,” said Cari Carter, PAC Chair. "The NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is confident that if elected, each and every one of our endorsed candidates will protect choice, work to improve access to emergency contraception, and defend against amendments and bills that attempt to chip away at our reproductive freedom.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates for State office:

  • Toni Harp, 10th District, State Senate
  • Andrew Maynard, 18th District, State Senate
  • John Hartwell, 26th District, State Senate
  • Andrew Roraback, 30th District, State Senate
  • Brett Eisenlohr, 17th District, State Representative
  • Tim O’Brien, 24th District, State Representative
  • Brian O’Connor, 35th District, State Representative
  • Melissa Olson, 46th District, State Representative
  • Nicholas Creed, 66th District, State Representative
  • Vickie Nardello, 89th District, State Representative
  • Pat Dillon, 92nd District, State Representative
  • Lonnie Reed, 102nd District, State Representative
  • Joseph Taborsak, 109th District, State Representative
  • DebraLee Hovey, 112th District, State Representative
  • Louis Esposito, 116th District, State Representative
  • Chris Perone, 137th District, State Representative
  • Kevin Ryan, 139th District, State Representative

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC endorsed candidates understand that the women of Connecticut have the integrity and intelligence to make responsible reproductive decisions.


Rob Kavaler

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