NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC Endorses Pro-Choice Candidates For State Senate & State House Races


September 28, 2010

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC has announced endorsements for the November General Election in State Senate & House races across Connecticut. The group is non-partisan, and endorsements are given only to candidates who request an endorsement and are deemed by the PAC to be 100% pro-choice.

In State Senate races, the PAC endorsed Tom Colapietro (3), Beth Bye (5), Don DeFronzo (6), Don O’Brien (8), Toni Harp (10), Tom Gaffey (13), Edith Prague (19), Andrea Stillman (20), Jim Miron (21), Alice Hutchinson (24), John Hartwell (26), and Susan Eastwood (35).

"We have a great mix of incumbent and new pro-choice candidates this year,” said PAC Chair Cari Pierdes. "In particular, we are pleased to endorse pro-choice Don O’Brien challenging anti choice incumbent Kevin Witkos in the 8th district and pro-choice John Hartwell against Toni Boucher in the 26th district”.

In State House races, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC has endorsed Matt Ritter (1), David Baram (15), Linda Schofield (16), Brian Becker (19), David McCluskey (20), Eileen Baker (23), Tim O’Brien (24), John Geragosian (25), Sandy Nafis (27), Tom Kehoe (31), Gail Hamm (34), James Spallone (36), Betsy Ritter (38), Elissa Wright (41), Tom Reynolds (42), Susan Johnson (49), Bryan Hurlburt (53), Gregory Haddad (54), Cathy Tallarita (58), Paul Nogueira (75), Zeke Zalaski (81), Mary Mushinsky (85), Steve Fontana (87), Vickie Nardello (89), Pat Dillon (92), Roland Lemar (96), Patricia Widlitz (98), Mike Lawlor (99), Matt Lesser (100), Deborah Heinrich (101), Lonnie Reed (102), Elizabeth Esty (103), Theresa Conroy (105), Bob Godfrey (110), Debra Lee Hovey (112), Themis Klarides (114), Kim Rose (118), John Hetherington (125), Carl Bernstein (135), Peggy Reeves (143), Kevin Ryan (139), and Susana Vidan (144).

"Our endorsed candidates support the full range of women’s reproductive health,” said Cari Pierdes, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC Chair. "These candidates understand that being pro-choice means providing women with information and availability to birth control, emergency contraception, prenatal care and safe and legal abortion!”

A dual endorsement has been made for Geoff Luxenberg and Matt Peak in Manchester’s 12th district open House seat. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC also notes that republican Comptroller candidate Jack Orchulli and Michelle Mount (112) are 100% pro-choice based on responses to the PAC questionnaire.


The NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC endorsement is given only to those candidates who have requested endorsement and who are deemed by the PAC to be 100% pro-choice.

Rob Kavaler

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