New Report: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Lie To Women About Reproductive Healthcare


June 15, 2015

Hartford, CT – Today, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut held a press conference to release findings from an undercover investigation into the state’s crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). The report, "The Right to Lie: Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Connecticut” documents the results of a two-year investigation that revealed a consistent pattern of misinformation, deceptive advertising, and blatant lies about reproductive health by CPCs. Speakers included NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Foundation Board Chair Stacy Missari, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women Executive Director Carolyn Treiss, and State Representative Matt Lesser.

"The CPCs in our study have one primary goal: to block women from considering abortion care. Evidence of this limited agenda is clear,” said Stacy Missari, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Foundation Board Chair. "Our report documents the various ways in which CPCs lie to women, telling them that abortion likely causes breast cancer, severe depression, and even death.”

Key Report Findings Include:

  • 95% of CPCs provided misleading information about abortion and provided other medically inaccurate information.
  • 70% of CPCs did not explicitly disclose that they are not a licensed medical facility.
  • Over 65% of CPCs visited used dangerous "delay tactics” to prevent women from accessing abortion care. These tactics ranged from telling women to wait a month to take another pregnancy test to discouraging women from seeing a legitimate medical provider.

"Women’s ability to decide whether and when to bear children has afforded us greater ability to pursue education and careers, which, in turn, has grown our labor force participation, earnings, and influence in the public sphere,” said PCSW Executive Director Carolyn Treiss. "However, a woman’s ability to make such decisions is predicated upon her ability to gain access to comprehensive, quality health care, which, through their predatory and unethical practices, CPCs do not provide. No woman should ever be misled when seeking information and care about any medical decision, but particularly one that will have far reaching consequences for the rest of her life.”

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said, "‎This crisis pregnancy center report has national significance – as a penetrating indictment of an insidious practice too prevalent across the country. Crisis pregnancy centers pose as health care professional providers, misleading and misinforming women seeking impartial medical advice. Their actions are reprehensible and repugnant. Rather than relying on crisis pregnancy centers, women should obtain real professional advice because they deserve and need real professional care. "


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