Pro-Choice Candidates Elected Into State Office


November 10, 2008

The NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Political Action Committee (PAC) is extremely pleased that sixty four out of our seventy five endorsed candidates were elected into state office on Tuesday, November 4th! Our endorsed candidates reflect a range of political affiliation, background, gender, and experience.

All candidates endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut PAC pledge, if elected, to vote against anti-choice bills, including those that would restrict access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services – from contraception, to carrying a healthy pregnancy to term, to choosing a safe and legal abortion. Pro-actively, endorsed candidates support comprehensive, age appropriate sexuality education that is based on medically accurate information, and all support equitable and timely access to emergency contraception.

"I am so thankful that our endorsed candidates believed that women’s reproductive health was an important issue to be discussed in this year’s political campaigns”, said PAC Chair Cari Carter.

The NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Political Action Committee endorsed the following 2008 elected legislators:


  • John Fonfara, 1st District
  • Tom Colapietro, 3rd District
  • Mary Ann Handley, 4th District
  • Jonathan Harris, 5th District
  • Toni Harp, 10th District
  • Ed Meyer, 12th District
  • Thomas Gaffey, 13th District
  • Gayle Slossberg, 14th District
  • Andrew Maynard, 18th District
  • Edith Prague, 19th District
  • Andrea Stillman, 20th District
  • Andrew McDonald. 27th District
  • Donald Williams, 29th District
  • Andrew Roraback, 30th District
  • Tony Guglielmo, 35th District


  • Jason Bartlett, 2nd District
  • Joan Lewis, 8th District
  • Linda Schofield, 16th District 
  • Andy Fleischmann, 18th District
  • Beth Bye, 19th District 
  • David McCluskey, 20th District 
  • Demetrious Giannaros, 21st District 
  • Tim O’Brien, 24th District
  • John Geragosian, 25th District
  • Sandy Nafis, 27th District
  • Thomas Kehoe, 31st District
  • Gail Hamm, 34th District
  • Brian O’Connor, 35th District
  • James Spallone, 36th District
  • Betsy Ritter, 38th District
  • Elissa Wright, 41st District
  • Tom Reynolds, 42nd District
  • Melissa Olson, 46th District 
  • Susan Johnson, 49th District
  • Bryan Hurlburt, 53rd District
  • Denise Merrill, 54th District
  • Kathy Tallarita, 58th District
  • Corky Mazurek, 80th District
  • Zeke Zalaski, 81st District
  • Steve Fontana, 87th District
  • Vickie Nardello, 89th District
  • Peter Villano, 91st District
  • Pat Dillon, 92nd District
  • Toni Walker, 93rd District
  • Gary Winfield, 94th District
  • Patricia Widlitz, 98th District
  • Mike Lawlor, 99th District
  • Matt Lesser, 100th District
  • Deb Heinrich, 101st District
  • Lonnie Reed, 102nd District
  • Elizabeth Esty, 103rd District
  • Joseph Taborsak, 109th District
  • Bob Godfrey, 110th District
  • Debralee Hovey, 112th District
  • Themis Klarides, 114th District
  • Louis Esposito, 116th District
  • Lawrence Miller, 122nd District
  • Chris Caruso, 126th District
  • Jack Hennessy, 127th District
  • Kim Fawcett, 133rd District
  • Chris Perone, 137th District
  • Kevin Ryan, 139th District
  • Lile Gibbons, 150th District

Rob Kavaler

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