We're so happy to have allies in the work for reproductive rights! Here’s how you can get involved:

Hartford GYN patient support
Hartford GYN Center is the last independent abortion clinic in CT. Volunteers for the clinic help write support notes to patients, act as clinic escorts or legal observers, facilitate volunteer night activities, and more.

House parties/Organizing parties
Want to hang out with your friends and learn about supporting reproductive rights? One of our NARAL staff will join your party to talk about the work that we do. Organizing parties are one of the easiest ways to learn from each other and build our grassroots base.

Administrative work
We always need help with day-to-day paperwork, data entry and research, and decorating our office! Some work can be done in our Hartford office, and some can be done from home.

Supporting legislative work
when we have municipal and state-level ordinances or bills moving through hearings, there are various ways to support their passage. This may include showing up for days of action, press conferences, and public hearings at the Capitol, calling legislators and council members, and writing letters to the editor.

As we prepare for 2017 municipal elections and state elections in 2018 we will be mobilizing folks to canvas for pro-choice candidates and on pro-choice issues.

There are many ways we can work with your networks and groups; these include documentary screenings and discussions, crisis pregnancy center info sessions (aka anti-choice, fake abortion clinics), abortion myth busting, and more! We’re flexible and mobile. Let us know what we can bring to you.

Send an email to erica@prochoicect.org with your ideas and interests!

To get involved and volunteer sign up by clicking the button below: